Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our Law Firm has just passed its 20th anniversary. The current pandemic does not allow us to celebrate this occasion in as grand a fashion as it might deserve. But perhaps that’s for the better. It would be a bit not in line with our style. However, this occasion is as good as ever to state that we are thankful.

I thank our Clients for their trust. We will do our best to strive for excellence in assisting you.

Heartfelt thanks are owed to our an brilliant team of Lawyers with whom I have the opportunity to work on a day-to-day basis. You are outstanding professionals. Many among you constitute an absolute elite not only in the field of labour law, but also in the field of personal data protection.

Many thanks go out to our Friends from L&E Global. We learn much from you.

I would also like to thank our competitors for constant motivation. With most of you, we manage to lead a dignified and respectful rivalry. We wish you nothing but success.

The anniversary is also an opportunity for reminiscing. But reliving the past is supposedly a sign of becoming old. And we are still full of enthusiasm. That is why I will write briefly. I believe that we have built a solid brand on the Polish legal market with our humble work and respect for Clients.

We do not intend to change this strategy. Besides, we are incapable of acting otherwise.

Arkadiusz Sobczyk