Ewa Kavanagh

Ewa Kavanagh

Cracow Office

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University.

She joined the Law Firm in 2001. She services Clients by writing legal opinions on especially complex factual and legal circumstances, in particular those concerning working time, remunerations, annual leaves, and employee rights and duties.

She supports HR departments in making decisions concerning individual employees and the entire staff, in particular by creating and reviewing the provisions of internal acts such as employee handbooks and rules and regulations of remuneration. She advises businesses on strategic decisions. She helps employers to draw up documentation on termination of employment relationship by writing legal opinions on legal risks connected with the adopted way of terminating an employment contract.

Represents employers in the field of labour law and social insurance, in particular in the matters of employee appeals against notice of termination or termination of employment agreement, as well as in matters concerning social insurance contributions.

She writes legal opinions on various forms of employment, in particular those concerning managerial staff under managerial contracts. She holds qualifications in general and family mediation.