The annual meeting of L&E Global in Paris from the perspective of Alina Giżejowska

The annual meeting of L&E Global in Paris, in which I participated together with Janusz Zagrobelny, was another great opportunity to exchange knowledge, views and ideas with lawyers from almost all over the world. We also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Flichy Grangé Avocats, our associated law firm in France.

It is captivating to find out what the process of dismissal of an employee looks like in other countries or what are the standards of protection of the employer’s interest when an employee leaves the company who had access to particularly important information –  or even that Chinese labor law is modelled after German law.

Such an international perspective is conducive to reflection on one’s own local law and allows to see in it elements that, compared to other countries, are helpful for both the employer and the employee. As always, it was interesting to get an assessment of our work from the perspective of clients: what is most important for them in cooperation with a lawyer, what formula of cooperation they prefer and what lawyers expect from us.

As part of our discussions, regardless of legal systems and types of work environments and their cultures, we have identified problems that are internationally universal. We intend to focus our further work on these problems in project teams and in the future we will want to present our clients with a comparative perspective and show how employers are dealing with these problems in other countries.’

Alina Giżejowska